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The Law Offices of Aaron R. Vega is committed to helping people obtain their Social Security Disability benefits with minimum hassle. We have experience with helping people across the United States win their benefits at all levels of the adjudicative process.

Whether you are only contemplating filing an initial application, awaiting a hearing, or are just feel stuck in a seemingly endless appeals process, we have the professionalism and experience to help you. We pride ourselves on assisting individuals at any stage of the litigation process. Many attorneys only become involved after a person has been denied, but we understand the importance of getting involved from the outset and beginning the process correctly the first time, every time.

With the Law Offices of Aaron R. Vega on your side, you don’t have to struggle with confusing forms, busy SSA telephones, short appeal deadlines and months or years of uncertainty about the status of your claims. You don’t have to face the largest backlog of SSDI claims in SSA history alone. Allow us to be your Social Security Disability Advocates and we'll battle for your benefits.


  • We are an experienced law firm and focus exclusively on Social Security Disability cases.

  • An attorney will handle your claim at each level, while our dedicated team works hard behind the scenes on your behalf.

  • We monitor the status of your claim and keep you fully informed of its progress.

  • You will not pay any fees unless we win your benefits.

  • We have experience in expediting cases.

  • We have a long list of satisfied clients that is growing daily...call now and become one today.

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Once we've determined we can help you we'll send you some forms to fill out. At this time we will also have you send us any medical documentation you may have so that we may submit as evidence.


Now it's time to file your application. We will help you during this process and will then begin gathering medical documentation to support your claim while we wait for your fully favorable decision.

Here's What Our Clients Are Saying:

  • I’m cannot tell you how thankful I am for the hard working team at The Law Offices of Aaron R. Vega. After getting denied I was frustrated and almost gave up. Medical bills were piling up and I was on the edge of losing my apartment. Aaron’s office helped me get set up with social services while we waited for my decision. I’m so excited to say it was fully favorable! I have already begun collecting my benefits and because of this was able to keep a roof over my head while I continued my medical treatments. If you need help please call the Law Offices of Aaron R. Vega!

    Lydia S., Dallas, Texas

  • Aaron is an excellent lawyer. He will fight all the way for you. When it came to me having to apply for disability, Aaron was right there. He helped me in a great way. I have referred a lot of people to him and he has helped and settled each and every case for the person. He is terrific!

    Lasharn H., New York, NY

  • I’m screaming thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!! Oh thank you so much Mr. Vega. I can’t believe it!!!!!!!!! I will call you tomorrow to find out when my first check will come.

    Lynette S., New York