Here's What Our Clients Are Saying

I’m cannot tell you how thankful I am for the hard working team at The Law Offices of Aaron R. Vega. After getting denied I was frustrated and almost gave up. Medical bills were piling up and I was on the edge of losing my apartment. Aaron’s office helped me get set up with social services while we waited for my decision. I’m so excited to say it was fully favorable! I have already begun collecting my benefits and because of this was able to keep a roof over my head while I continued my medical treatments. If you need help please call the Law Offices of Aaron R. Vega!

Lydia S.

Dallas, Texas

Aaron is an excellent lawyer. He will fight all the way for you. When it came to me having to apply for disability, Aaron was right there. He helped me in a great way. I have referred a lot of people to him and he has helped and settled each and every case for the person. He is terrific!

Lasharn H.

New York, NY

I’m screaming thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!! Oh thank you so much Mr. Vega. I can’t believe it!!!!!!!!! I will call you tomorrow to find out when my first check will come.

Lynette S.

New York

I’m writing this as a special thanks to Mr. Aaron R. Vega, without whom I would have never been awarded disability benefits. I am a middle-aged individual who had two brain surgeries and radiation. Despite this, I had applied for disability twice, and was turned down both times. I found Aaron online and after reading about his experience and practice I made an appointment to see him. His office was not a fancy Park Avenue law firm; it was a small, hands-on, roll up your sleeves get to work type of office. I was lead into the conference room to meet with Mr. Vega. He presented himself exactly as his office was: a hands-on, get to work type of man. He had some excellent ideas on how to handle my case; ideas I had not heard of before. I signed his retainer agreement that day. During the period of time waiting for my case to be heard Aaron’s team responded to each and email and phone call promptly, 99% on the same day. I was a legal secretary before I became disabled and observed many attorneys who “push clients to the side” to handle their more important cases. I was not at all treated like that! My case was finally won and I am now collecting my disability benefits. I owe all this to Mr. Vega, and I would absolutely recommend him as THE attorney to go to for obtaining Disability Benefits.

Marie T.

New York