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Can my child recieve SSI even if I work?

In many instances the answer to this question is yes.  SSI is a disability program through Social Security that provides supplemental income to those 65 and older or disabled or blind with limited resources. Children can qualify for SSI if they meet the medical requirements set forth by the SSA and if the household the child resides meets the income and asset requirements.  Even for children with working parents, they may still qualify for SSI.

The amount if any a child can receive will be determined depending on how many children reside in the home, income earned or unearned collected by the parents or guardians, and other resources .  To illustrate, Ohio sets forth the following rules (generalized as there are sometimes a rare exception):

  • The parents or guardians may only have one vehicle, each
  • The parents or guardians may only own one home in which they must reside
  • There can be no more than $2500 in total assets beyond the home and cars.
  • Depending on the number of children, there are income maximums for both earned and unearned income.  Depending on these numbers the child can received a portion up to the maximum amount of SSI allowed. The amount will decrease according to the income the household receives and can increase depending on the eligible household members.  See the SSA webpage for more information.
  • The amount of earned income allowed is higher than the amount of unearned income allowed in most cases.

The amount of SSI paid to the child of working parents may be somewhat less than the maximum benefit. Yet some extra funds can prove to be tremendously helpful for a family struggling with expenses to care for a special needs child. Also, depending also on income and resources, the child may also qualify for Medicaid once he is found to be disabled.

When applying for SSI for a child, the application process will begin with an assessment to be certain the family is not over resource to qualify. Once the financial application is complete and accepted, then the medical decision will be made by the state department of disability as to whether the child is medically disabled under the SSA’s guidelines.

Article via Aaria Disability Blog

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