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The Social Security Disability Application Check List – Be Prepared

We get many calls from many folks who are overwhelmed and need help getting started with their Disability Claim.  It can be very overwhelming for many people who are already facing a mountain of stress.  Being prepared is half the battle.  This means allowing yourself a good amount of time to fill out the application.  You can apply for your Disability Benefits a few different ways – you can apply in person at your local SSA office (you can find your local office by clicking here); you can also apply over the phone by calling 1-800-772-1213; or you can apply for your disability benefits online which happens to be the most convenient way for many of our clients. If you happen not to have all of the information while applying online, the application will allow you to suspend your session and come back to it later without starting all over again.  Regardless of how you apply for your Disability Benefits, the Social Security Administration is going to ask for a lot of information.  Social Security does provide a checklist, but it is hardly complete.

Applying for SSDI or SSI benefits can be time consuming. Taking some time to prepare and organize first can make the process less intimidating, less overwhelming, and less frustrating. Once you have all the information, plan on spending an hour or so entering the information through SSA’s online site. If you go to a Social Security office for an in person visit, plan on some extra time due to SSA staffing shortages.

Also keep in mind that the more accurate and complete the information, the less time SSA will have to spend verifying and confirming the data needed to complete your disability application. This is especially true when detailing medical sources, treatment dates and medications.  The more you can provide, the faster the process will go and you’ll be able to avoid any unnecessary hold-up’s or delays.

Here is a checklist of information needed for a SSA disability claim (remember this is not 100% complete and they may ask you for additional information):

  • Full Name SSN Gender Preferred Language
  • Date of Birth Where You Were Born Do You Have a Birth Certificate Are You a Citizen or Lawful Resident
  • Have You Ever Gone by Other Names Have You Ever Used Other Social Security Numbers The Date You Stopped Working/Became Unable to Work Have You Filed for Social Security Disability or Medicare Before
  • Have You Been in the Military Are You Receiving Veterans Benefits Have You or Your Spouse Worked for the Railroads Do You Have Credits for Social Security in Another Country
  • Are You Eligible for A Pension Based on Work Not Covered By FICA/Social Security Marriage and Divorces – Names of Spouses and Dates of Marriage and/or Divorce All Years Where You Did Not Have FICA Covered Wages Employment History for the Current and Prior Year
  • Wages for the Current and Prior Year What Illness or Injury Prevents You From Working When Did You Become Unable to Work Is Your Injury or Illness Related to Work
  • Have You or Do You Plan to File for Other Benefits Have You Received Any Money From Your Employer Since You Stopped Working Do You Expect to Receive Any Other Payments From Your Employer Did You Care for a Child Under 3 During A Year You Had No Wages
  • Do You Have Dependent Parents That You Provide For If You Became Disabled Before Age 22, Do You Have a Parent Receiving Social Security Benefits Are There Outstanding Warrants For Your Arrest

The Law Offices of Aaron R. Vega is committed to helping people obtain their Social Security Disability benefits with minimum hassle and has tons of experience helping clients fill out these complicated applications. In fact, we have extensive experience with helping people across the United States win their benefits at all levels of the adjudicative process.  If you have questions about your claim, need representation at your hearing, or are in the very beginning stages of your claim and need help getting started, call us today at 877.747.3661.  Or if you prefer, complete the brief form below and one of our experienced consultants will be happy to get in touch with you and schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our attorneys.


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